Candy Boxes Filled with Homemade Candy

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Homemade candy is the best.  It is the best because basically everyone but weirdos like candy, and it is a gift for any and every occasion.  From the oldest to the youngest, you will never fail to make someone happy by giving them hand-dipped in chocolate.  Once the holidays roll around, everyone in my family knows to start keeping an eye out for a stack of candy boxes.  Don’t think too inside the box, though.

I have used handmade candy as a wedding favor. Here are two candies that are always a hit, and always good to give, and some supplies you will need:


  • melting chocolate
  • pretzels
  • candy boxes
  • wax paper
  • peanut butter
  • couple other ingredients


Chocolate Covered Pretzels: chocolate covered pretzels alone have revolutionized the way I give gifts.  Every holiday, I no longer stress about every aunt, uncle, distant cousin, or gift exchange that is coming up.  I make crap tons of chocolate covered pretzels, package them sweetly in cute little candy boxes, and they look and taste like they just came out of a candy factory.  Melt some chocolate, dip some pretzels in it, lay them on waxed paper, sprinkle them with any type of sprinkle (they sell anything from holiday colors to baby shower themed sprinkles at craft stores).  After about 20 minutes they will probably be set enough to start boxing up.  Use a themed sticker to seal the box and you earn yourself a couple extra “oohs” and “aahs”.


Homemade Buckeyes: Everybody knows that buckeyes are the Ohio state nut.  Do not ever eat a real one, because they are poisonous.  This might be why the candy version was invented.  It is literally the best “nut” you will ever eat.  For my wedding, we had families come into town from all across the States.  In each of their hotel rooms we left a little box of these sweet nuggets and it did a marvelous job of soothing any disgruntled feelings over having to pay for a hotel room (but seriously, you didn’t have to come if you didn’t want to).  This recipe is a little more involved than the first one, but is definitely a 2 out of 5 as far as difficulty level goes (five being the most difficult).  Once you mixed up the insides, roll them into little balls and stick a toothpick in the top.  Dip them in melted chocolate so that you still have the top showing, and let them rest on waxed paper.  When they are good and set, after removing the toothpick, press down in the center to get rid of the hole.

Tips for Installing Stone Veneer

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One great way to add reasonable character to interior and exterior walls of the house is installation of stone veneer. This application doesn’t need extensive knowledge about construction, and it’s not unaffordable in any way. You pick any of the stone veneer type and you would find installation procedure the same for all types.


Here’s what you need to do for installing the stone veneer.


  • The masonry surfaces like concrete and bricks are always ready for stone veneer to be installed upon them. However, the non-masonry surfaces like wood need to be covered with water barriers.
  • If you are considering the application of stone veneer on exterior walls, you may need to cover the walls with a layer of moisture vapor barrier.
  • While consolidate the strength of moisture vapor barrier on the wall, hammer 2-inch nails by keeping an interval of 6 inches between the nails.
  • A ¾-inch thick layer of scratch coat should be layered after installation of moisture vapor barrier. The scratch coat usually consists of mortar.
  • Make sure to draw some horizontal lines with the help of metal scraper in the scratch coat before it dries out.


Stone Installation

  • Prepare the mortar by mixing its elements together and stirring it for five minutes. That should bring the mortar in the shape of crushed boiled potatoes. Make sure you are not wetting the mortar with too much water in order to ensure reasonable mortar’s strength.
  • Create the layout of stones you are going to install on the wall. This step might be a little time consuming but it is worth the design precision that you would gain.
  • To shape/reshape the stones, use trowel edge and a clipping hammer. You can later use grout to hide the coarse edges, which may get developed during shaping process.
  • Before applying the grout, wash the stones thoroughly to make them dirt-free.
  • After completely drying the stones, damp their surface lightly with mildly wet rag.
  • Apply mortar on the stone surface before attaching it to the wall.
  • Start the installation of stones by working on the corners first. While the mortar on wall is not yet dried out, it allows the stone to be adjusted well only by pressing. That might bring some excess mortar above the stone level. You can remove it with the help of scraper.

Faux Stone Panels


Finalizing Installation

  • After all stones are attached, now is the time to fill the gaps with grout.
  • Excess particles of grout and mortar should be cleaned with the help of wet rag. This step is easy as long as you perform it under 30-minute limit after filling grout in the gaps.
  • Apply That will make future maintenance of stone veneer easier because sealers are usually dirt repellant.

Star Spangled Shipping Supplies

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My great-grandfather came to this country at the beginning of the century.  He made the right choice, because the first World War broke out less than ten years later.  By then, he was too old to go off and fight for his new country, but there were other things he could do.  He had gone into business as soon as he arrived.  He was literally walking along with his suitcase in hand, just coming from the Immigration Office and still with sea legs, when he passed by a shop window and stopped short.

He went in, made a purchase, and parked himself a couple blocks down.  “Shipping supplies for sale,” he would say to people passing by.  He had bought a roll of string, a stack of brown paper, and a couple poster board boxes.  Somehow, maybe it was his Welsh charm, he sold everything that first afternoon.  Feeling like a king, he paid for a private room at a bed and breakfast and slept like he had never slept in his life.  He went back the next day, and the next.  Soon he got a wagon, and started going house to house.  It was so convenient for people to not have to run to the store for some stamps, or a box.


It was so convenient for the friendly man with the gold front tooth to knock on their door every month or so and see if they needed their shipping supplies replenished.  My great-grandfather became a very successful man.  He got married to my great-grandmother, and even though he told her that he would have to work hard, he promised that she would have an easy life.  And he was right.  He bought a car and started selling out of his trunk.  It was the American dream, in every way, shape and form.  He lost a son to the second World War, but he was still able to leave his business to his other son when it came time for him to retire.

By then he had opened up a warehouse and had mupltiple drivers.  He made sure that prices were competitive and his staff were efficient and reliable.  Selling shipping supplies door to door was a lucrative trade in those days.  Business really started to die down by the time I came onto staff, but as soon as we started online ordering it began to pick back up again.  I feel such a sense of pride in knowing that I have a hand in my family business, and maybe even in keeping it alive.

The Basics of Personal Injury Laws

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There are many commonplace mishaps that can result in an accident or injury that can happen to you or someone you love.  If you need to take steps to protect your legal rights, you should know some of the definitions and answers to questions about personal injury and some of the terms.

personal Injury Laws1

A personal injury case is a case where legal disputes come about when one gets harmed in an accident or u=injury, and someone else is legally responsible for it.  A personal injury is usually formalized through a civil court proceedings that that will find who is at fault and resolve disputes before a lawsuit happens.

Personal Injury Lawyers in South Bend Indiana.

A formal lawsuit is one that is imitated by the private individual, who files a complaint against another person, business, corporation, or even a government agency that says that they acted carelessly or irresponsibly in an accident or injury.  In contrast, an informal settlement is a settlement between the persons involved in the dispute, the insurers, and the attorneys for both sides, and it usually is more of a negotiation along with an agreement that both sides won’t take out a lawsuit and instead pay a certain amount of money.

The statute of limitations is when a plaintiff has a portion of time to file a lawsuit.  This is usually a period of time that is dictated starting from the point when the person discovers the injury at hand.  They are established by the state laws and they vary with every single injury.  For instance, if you have an injury in Texas, the statute is two years, but if there is a se crime, it’s five years, and one year for libel and slander.  It does vary from state to state too, and the best way to find out the statute for you is to look through the state directory.


The laws that govern the personal injury cases are mostly through court decisions and treatises that are written by legal scholars.  This varies from criminal cases that find their laws in the statutes and penal codes.  Most of the states usually summarize the development of a personal injury law in written statutes, but many times the court decisions that re taken and the agreements are what the sources of the laws are in personal accident or injury cases.

If you have a viable personal injury case, you need a few things before you can go further with this.  For starters, you need a detailed understanding of each of these facts, the processes, and the law.  If the accident has impacted your life in a negative way, you should go to an attorney and see if you should go through with a lawsuit.  You will also need proof of the incident impacting your life in a negative fashion.  By doing this, you will be able to build a personal injury or accident case and get the help you need to help resolve the issues that are impacting your life.

Greenland’s Ice Melting – What’s The Factor behind It?

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Increase in the melting rate of Greenland’s ice sheet has been of huge concern for the scientists around the globe. The melting of this ice sheet is being considered as one of the major reasons for the rise in global ocean’s level. The obvious reasons for ice melting seem to be global warming and, as a result of that, increase in water temperature and precipitation. However, there is another factor which might not be that much obvious but it has been affecting ice’s integrity quite a lot. It’s the clouds.

With the help of recently collected data through satellite and scientific guesses, scientists can make accurate predictions about the future of Greenland’s ice belt. The role of clouds here can be seen as a major factor for temperature rise, because it has been restricting the melted water to be refrozen.

A study published in Nature Communications suggests that clouds play an active role in ice melting, resulting in the water to flow on the surface of ice. It is consistently resulting in the thinning of ice sheet. Existence of clouds has been found to be forming a heat trap in a locality. Particularly at night when temperature usually drops, existence of clouds tends to keep the temperature from dropping, causing the melted water to stop from being frozen again.


Researchers have created a model for running the simulation to predict the future of ice melting in Greenland. It also includes the factors which are going to take part in the process. The inputs for model were gathered from satellite’s data and on-ground observations. The simulation also gave a demonstration on how the ice sheet can be affected from different layers of clouds.

According to thee simulations, 58 percent of melted water refreezes at night due to temperature drop. However, the existence of clouds restricts the refreezing down to 45 percent only.

Greenland icesheet

The cloud cover at nights are already causing substantial ice melting but this rate is expected to increase more due to long lasting night time cloud covers. Clearly the climate change is pivoting the process.

Although the current climate models cannot give accurate idea about cloud’s influence, but scientists are working to develop the new models in which the cloud factor can be used as major input.

Resized Android Apps with Google Now Launcher

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Android Apps will now be resized uniformly with the help of update in Google Now Launcher. Another feature of this update is the auto-rotate function for this launcher. It is worth mentioning here that Google has set the parameters for the Apps’ icon size.


Now, the developers have been violating these guidelines by creating big size icons in order to make their apps prominent. This marketing tactic leaves the user with difficulty in interacting with other apps around the big icons in the device’s home screen. It’s the basic characteristic of Google Now Launcher to normalize the size of all icons on screen. Hence, the launcher enforces the criteria of icon size by shrinking the size of icons automatically.

Before this strict implementation, Google tried to keep the icon size issue contained by defining parameters in its guidelines. Upon the noncompliance by developers, Google took the harsh step by updating Google Now Launcher. The basic idea about resizing icons came from Nova Launcher, which also does job of shrinking or resizing icons.

The recent update in Google Now Launcher has also added the auto-rotate function support. It means that users can now view the launcher complying completely with horizontal position of device. Even before the launch of this app, the landscape mode had been previewed in developer’s mode for Android M. However the idea wasn’t implemented at the time of app launch. The continuity of auto-rotate function now depends upon the users’ feedback that would decide the fate of this function in the final update.


This launcher app can be downloaded from Google’s Play Store. Google app and Google Now Launcher work in concurrence; therefore, downloading the app’s update will also be important for the users who do not have the app. Though the Android users need to download Google Now Launcher, the Google’s proprietary Nexus phones come with the home screens having the launcher readily installed.

Since Google is trying to promote the Nexus devices, it is offering a discount of $30 per device. On the side of mobile software, Google seems to be ahead in competition with other tech giants; i.e. Apple.