Teaching Kids the art of making the request

With the heightened expectations, parents are under the pressure to raise perfect children who excel in not only personal life but the professional life as well. This means that the behavior of children is one of the most examined and judged areas. And if your children are not very good at it, it may make things harder for them in addition to making parenting and expectations associated with parenting meet hard for you. For instance, if your children are stubborn or if they can’t seem to get the mind off the ride on Power Wheel, it may make them seem ill-mannered or as kids who can’t make decent requests and be polite to the other children. Therefore, it is important for you to teach them the art of making requests and well behaving with others.


Listening to Others

Of course, it is not directly related; however, if the parents encourage the children to listen to the different views, in addition, to actually hearing it not just for the sake of responding but to listen, it may resolve a lot of problems associated with communications. Therefore, children are expected to hear the viewpoint of others if they really want to get good at making connections and requests in order to get anything done. For instance, if your child really listens to you, they would know how to makes the request in the best form to get it accepted it as. This implies that the very same rule can be applied to you and them.

Improves Understanding

One of the most prominent benefits of learning to make requests is that children become more conscious of respecting other in addition to actually developing good levels of understanding with them. For instance, if the child is on good terms with you, the process of overcoming tensions will become easy. This is to say that the chances of fights or unnecessary arguments can also be managed to large extent. Similarly, if your child is good at getting to know the peers and they can make requests, the level of understanding with them would maximize in a dynamics way.

Being Patient

The value of patience in our lives cannot be ignored, however, when it comes to making good relations with other and making requests, you would be expected to stay calm and patient with the strangers or any person you are interacting with. Moreover, the frequent use of patience will directly facilitate you in overcoming the difference with other and you can work on it to make your skills or art of making requests good. In order to be effective, you can patiently observe them so that you take adequate time to make the request, and it would not be denied.

Making Bonds

Children are usually interested in making friends and making connections with people they like. So, if your child is already good at it, the art of making requests would automatically become easy for them. To put simply, it can also be said that if your child is already familiar with the art of making requests or the complete merits, the skills of making strong bonds with people in the real sense would not seem that hard to them. Furthermore, you would be giving them a skill for life.

Better Leader

The direct connection of good leaders and those who can make requests is not talked about, however, if one delves deeper into the dynamics, it becomes apparent that leaders are usually good at everything and if your child knows how to make requests in addition to getting them accepted, it could contribute to making them an excellent leader. Moreover, children would learn to appreciate those who are kind enough o make requests in form of getting people on board and promoting combined activities.


The main aim of politeness and good manners is to enhance the sense of community and sharing among the people. And the more your children are following the important elements of good mannerism; it would promote the sense of sharing and togetherness. This means that if you are conscious enough to inculcate right kinds of values in your children, you will not have to work on separate strategies to nurture different sets of values; rather few of the core values could garner the inter-connected values.


If parents are asked one of the main obstacles faced by the children in the modern world, reluctance to change and adjustment would probably be one of the factors. This means that most of the children face difficulty in making the place, especially if you have moved to an area in terms of looking for the better opportunities for children. This is to say that the art of making requests will help the children to reach out to people without disrespecting or offending and if they get good at it, the problems of warming up to new places and making new friends can be solved to a large degree.

Better Person

Some of the skeptics may see the stress on the art of making requests and making the children aware of its significance less important, however, if one looks at from a big perspective, it will become easy to see the connections or often overlooked dimensions. For example, if your children are not aware of asking people for their permission or being polite, it may make it hard for them to interact with the new crowd and the process of living with the changes will be hard too. In addition, some of the parents may struggle with reaching out to children, especially if they have a busy routine or if they are not good at raising them. This is why it is necessary to make your children better human beings because if they get good at it, the problems of socializing are overcome easily. Furthermore, it has been observed that most of the good human beings are good professional lives as well. To put simply, if you have successfully incorporated the values of being polite and manners in your children, the issues of parenting would also be addressed,