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Tips to Prevent Cavities

To prevent cavities, usually you’re told to just brush and floss, and that’s considered a standard. Probably as a child, you were told that once you do get a cavity, you’re told to brush and floss in a better manner. But, what about those who do both and they’re still getting cavities? Is there anything they’re doing wrong? Chances are, probably nothing, but you can incorporate a few things into your dental routine in order to help stop cavities in your tracks.

While brushing and flossing are good with removing the bacteria and plaque, along with cleaning the gums so you can prevent gum disease, you definitely may need to do a bit more to get rid of cavities. Dentistry has come from quite a distance, and brushing and flossing isn’t the only way to stop cavities. Cavities actually are caused by bacteria and acid, and when bacteria are exposed to this, that’s when it forms. Here are a few different ways to combat these.

The first thing to try is to brush with baking soda. that’s because baking soda neutralizes the acid in the mouth, and it’s not abrasive to brush with. Plus, it naturally whitens teeth and freshens your breath. All you’ve got to do is wet the toothbrush, put toothpaste on there if you want, put it in baking soda, and then brush for two minutes for great results.

Then there is fluoride. It’s great in making the enamel stronger, and the roots themselves stronger. Although most of the toothpaste that’s over the counter has fluoride, and our drinking water has it depending on where you are, you should get a fluoride treatment at least twice a year. A higher concentration of this does prevent cavities because the teeth will be resistant to the attacks of the acid from the bacteria in the mouth. If one is at a higher level of decay, some dentists may give yo9u a prescription fluoride to use daily. Some even make it so that you can purchase it so you don’t have to go to the pharmacy.

Then there is xylitol. This is a sugar alcohol typically used as a sweetener, found in gums and candy. But, this sweetener actually will stimulate the saliva, and attack the bacteria within the mouth that causes cavities. It’s essentially something that you should have each day, about five grams. However, the problem with xylitol is that it is strong, and if you have too much, it can cause gas and bloating, and if you want to have something that will help with your sweet tooth, having xylitol candy can really encourage that!

Finally, brush and floss. This is really important, because not only does it remove plaque, and promote gum health but it also will help with removing the acid that’s there. The bacteria in plaque create an acid, so if you remove this, it will definitely help. By brushing twice a day for two minutes, and then flossing once a day, you’ll be able to create a regimen that will help with removing and preventing cavities. It also will keep them at bay. If you have questions regarding your dental routine, you can always talk to your dENtist to find out what you need to do. Sometimes, you may be perfect, but it’s not just about that, but it’s also about your own personal health and wellness, and by achieving a healthier mouth, you’ll be much happier too, and you can truly take your own health and wellness back.

Cavities happen to many, but these four tips that will help you with preventing them can stop them in their tracks before they get worse. It’s not always perfect, but by taking care of your teeth and encouraging cavity prevention, you’ll be much happier, and your teeth will be healthier as well. You should definitely make sure that you do have this all in mind, and by taking care of your own dental health, you’ll be much happier, and you can prevent costly treatments from becoming a problem for you in the future as well, which is always a plus for many people, and something that you should always watch for.